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Nintendo Switch Details Revealed!

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Nintendo has a press conference to let everyone know the details about the Switch tonight and it answered my biggest questions. I was expecting the Switch to sell for $250 in the US but it was announced it will be €299.99. Still very comparable with the current consoles which is a solid move for the big N. The other thing I have been wondering about is the battery life when used as a handhold and that news wasn't as good to me. It is said to have a battery life of 2.5 to 6 hours depending on the game played. They used Legend of Zelda as an example and said you would get 3 hours out of it while playing as Link. Now that isn't terrible say if you are using it on a train or bus for work commutes but I cant see it being the go everywhere option that "Karen" made it look like in the announcement trailer. There also were a few games announced and a couple stand outs besides Zelda were a new Mario titled Super Mario Odyssey coming at the end of 2017 for the Xmas rush and a couple Dragon Quest games that didn't get a release window. Pre orders are up now at Amazon so what do you think? Are you ready to buy in or are you not sold yet? If you are like me you are gonna hold off and see how the launch goes. I got plenty of class NES games to hold me over for a bit anyways cause you can't beat the classics. So if you will excuse me King Hippo needs a TKO from Tokyo so put on your throwback controller tee and enjoy!!

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